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How to Get Your ENERGY Back With Neha O'Rourke


Actually looking forward to your work day and actually GETTING energy from the work you're doing.

You have this unwavering peace that comes with having clarity on your purpose and being on a career path that utilizes your abilities, strengths, passions and purpose.

You are so fulfilled that you sometimes just pinch yourself when you think about the fact that you get paid to do work that doesn't feel like work.

It's something you truly love.

Something you were made for.

THIS is what Neha O'Rourke, Founder and CEO of Somewhere In Between Coaching spoke to our community of 30+ professional women at our February 2023 event.

In her keynote remarks, Neha found a way to remind others to 'turn up the volume' of our inner voice — and do so in a way that takes care of your mind, body, soul and to listen closely to start moving in the way you want, nourish your body and do things that fill your soul.

This isn't hyperbole. This is real advice.

Neha is on a mission to find and live in our purpose.

Visit and follow Neha over at the gram where she pops in to serve up her best ideas, timely reminders, and share worth content.

Looking for more? Neha has an ENTIRE set of programs — including a DIY audio course, membership/ momentum calls, 1:1 coaching and more.

She's also a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, and an overall great human being.


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