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PHOTOS: Fireside Chats [September 2019]

“Experience is a master teacher, even when it’s not our own.”⁣⁣

An evening of conversation and fun at Fireside Chats, featuring successful businesswomen across Chicago. ⁣⁣Location: Moxy Chicago.

Broad Shoulders heard from three powerhouse women from various industries across Chicago’s business community on all things boardroom, work-life balance, entrepreneurship, and so much more. ⁣⁣Together, we will pour a glass of wine, take the gloves off, and dive into their stories of success, failure, truth, and happiness —as it relates to ambition, career, and defining “success.” ⁣⁣

Kaila Richardson emcee'd the evening

Tamara Edwards interviewed Molly Archibald

Erin Kunces interviewed Adair Schwartz who the President of Power Realty Partners

Christi Turner interviewed Arsiak Vartenian who is a Realtor, Woman for Women, and Founder of Smart is the New Sexy.

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