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PHOTOS: Self Defense & Mimosas [July 2019]

A play on a Chicago summer favorite, rooftop “yoga & mimosas,” Broad Shoulders Chicago & FFC Chicago (Lincoln Park)hosted a kick a$$ workshop, Self Defense & Mimosas, to learn a vital set of self-defense skills in this workshop that is ideal for any interest or ability level.

Special Guest Dr. Nausheen Din who will take us to #BroadShoulders church and teach us about ways that we can protect ourselves outside the lines of violent crime — hint: it starts and ends with #selflove.

Jenna Johnson/ The Scrounge— homechef & blogger, will be preparing and serving up some scrounge goodies for this event.

Danielle Degroot, of Dietitian Gone Wild, will emcee this event.

This seminar focused on two topics: avoiding/de-escalating a situation and protecting yourself in the event of an attack. This workshop was educational as well as practical so be ready to practice getting loud and breaking out of a variety of grips and holds.


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