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Reviving Broad Shoulders Post COVID-19 Closures

By Tamara Edwards, Founder of Broad Shoulders

I remember waking up with a cup of milk and poured cereal that my mom put out for us before she went to work the overnight shift at United Airlines. She did this to make sure breakfast was ready for us when we woke up, before going to school, play, etc.

She found a job opportunity that allowed her to be at home as much as possible and still get benefits (and travel perks).

She [and my dad] were making it happen.

My momma —Christine Edwards— was table to join us at our May 2022 revival of live programming for Broad Shoulders along with so many women who are making things happen for their businesses, their families — and most importantly, themselves.

That's what Broad Shoulders is really about.

Lets have the conversations of entrepreneurship, career, business, big ideas WITH the realities of what we've come to know —and what we're learning along the way.

Thanks again to everyone who joined us at our Season III kick off event. A special thank you to our speakers and presenters, our sponsors — @socialsparkling SOCIAL Sparkling Wine and @roti, — and @NomadChicago for hosting us at your beautiful sanctuary coffee shop and retail/ event space.

We're back.


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