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Three Recipes We LOVE from Chicago-based Millennial Dietitian Maggie Michalczyk

ICYMI: Maggie Michalczyk, a Chicago-based millennial dietitian that is dedicated to "helping you have more food confidence" spoke at our February 2023 event, and — the best part — brought some of her viral apple appetizer ("appetizers" anyone?) for 30+ professional women in attendance.

Michalczyk is best known on social media as @onceuponapumpkin and often speaks about seasonal recipes, finding the good in every single day, and how food brings us together. Her evidenced-based nutrition information is what drew us in, but it is her showcase (via IG stories) of how she integrates her values into her day to day lifestyle is what made her a "must follow" in our book.

Thanks Maggie for sharing your best ideas with the Broad Shoulders community. Here are THREE recipes from her blog:

Looking for more? Check out her book: The Great Big Pumpkin Cookbook


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