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PHOTOS & PODCAST LINK: Navigating Influence/ DC (Nov. 2023)

!! THANK YOU !! to everyone who joined us for Thursday’s inaugural Broad Shoulders X She Said / She Said Media event: Navigating Influence.

The vibrancy of the room — correction, the people that were in the room — was magnetic.

A special thank you to Kaitlyn Kline, Joyce Meyer and Ashley Davis for helping us lead this important and timely discussion.

🎟️ 100% of TICKET PROCEEDS 🎟️ went towards The Policy Circle, a non-partisan, grassroots organization that provides a framework to boost civil discourse and civic engagement.


Laura + Tamara


For your consideration, we’ve come up with a few action items intended to keep the conversation going.

#1SUBSCRIBE + LISTEN to She Said / She Said Podcast to continue following Laura’s exploration into all things influence, leadership.

Specific episodes that Laura recommends:

NOTE: We will circulate the episode that reflects the event recording in the coming weeks.

#2 — CONNECT with one another via coffee, lunch, or at the very least…LinkedIn or Instagram.

#3 — WEIGH IN on what you liked, anything we should do more or less of, or topics that you are interested in hearing about and/ or discussing — see HERE for the feedback form



Broad Shoulders started as a cocktail-napkin idea with the vision to create a community of women who are professionally driven, and headed toward their idea of professional "success."

Together, we curate collaborative events and professional workshops intended to:

  • build each other up

  • strengthen connections

  • enhance conversations


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