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"Take Time for YOURSELF." Advice from Entrepreneur, Eia Scott.

Eia Scott lives by one simple motto: "no problems, only solutions."

No matter the challenge, win, loss, set back, etc. Eia always takes time to reflect, celebrate, and heal.

It's part of her formula for success.

Eia is a mother of five, coach to budding entrepreneurs, mentor to her clients and friends, and a visionary.

In her remarks at Broad Shoulders Chicago's February 2023 event, Eia energized the community of 30+ professional women by reminding them that no matter what happens — good, bad, big, or small — that you need to take time for yourself AND THEN move forward.

You can catch Eia sharing her personal life and latest projects on instagram.

OR, follow her mentorship page: @be_uniquelyinspired/


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